And we’re live (New Damascus: PUBLISHED)

Well it’s been a long wait, hasn’t it? Finally – New Damascus is published and available on Smashwords for you to enjoy! (And I hope you do!)

It should be available at the major eBook retailers like Apple and Kindle in the next few weeks, but to me it doesn’t really matter where you download it from because it’s FREE. I just hope you enjoy the ride, and if you do to tell your friends and recommend it to others.

Thanks amigos!



2 comments on “And we’re live (New Damascus: PUBLISHED)

  1. I wanted to let you know that I posted a review of the story at Smashwords. They’ll let you know too, but I couldn’t resist telling you how damn much I liked it. It’s quite honestly one of the best stories I’ve found on Smashwords so far, and I’ve been hanging out there for more than two years. Congratulations, and thanks again.

    • Thanks very much! It’s awesome to get a response for a writing venture, and I really appreciate it when people leave reviews.. Checked out your blog – it looks really interesting. I’ll keep it on my radar to find out more about other indie published works. Cheers!

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